You have more to see in Europe than you’ve ever thought: Part 2

A 15-day tour through many European countries couldn’t be but full of things to learn. Today we’ll keep telling you about the tour that will take you through Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, and the Netherlands.

Discover Germany
Discover Eastern Europe
Discover Austria And Switzerland
Discover Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Amsterdam and History In Between

The tour goes on to Vienna, the capital city of Austria. It’s home to many imperial palaces and churches of the past. Around the Danube, there are also many beautiful natural sights. Vienna is also home to a lively scene of classical music, being the birthplace of the famous “Viennese waltz” plus where many composers of the past became famous. Every day there are least a dozen concerts going on. Lastly, Vienna is also known for many characteristic plates and sweets, and it’s also one of the cities with the highest quality of life.

In Austria, you’ll also visit Salzburg, where the famous Mozart was born at. Naturally, there’s the house he lived in turned into a Museum, where you can learn about the famous family of musicians and how they lived. There’s also the Mozartplatz Square, with a great bronze statue of the composer. But in Salzburg, you’ll also find many splendorous castles, like the Mirabell Palace, with its beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy and explore, including decorative fountains, hedges and themed gardens inspired by mythology. And when it comes to castles, you can’t say you’ve visited Salzburg if you don’t visit the Hohensalzburg Castle also known as the Salzburg Fortress. The most imposing landmark of the city, the Fortress is also closely related to its history and home to many artifacts, traditionally decorated rooms and gardens that tell the story of Salzburg.

The very night after visiting Salzburg you’ll go back into the German border to spend the night at Munich, the most prosperous city in the country, famous for being able to be both at the forefront of technologic advancement while keeping its cultural heritage. In a place like this, you can find many different things to do depending on your taste, whether it’s visiting famous historical buildings, art museums or theaters, or visiting the Olympic area that hosted the 1972 Olympics. Or maybe you can visit the Aud-Haidhausen district, known for its many clubs, bars, and discos. Munich also has luxury shopping areas and places to relax outdoors in a family setting. And if you’re visiting during Autumn season, you obviously can’t miss the legendary Oktoberfest, hosted at Theresienwiese in Munich.

Next, you’ll see Oberammergau, a town taken out of fairytales. Almost literally! Here many houses are painted with themes of famous stories like Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. A traditional Bavarian town, sometimes you can even see folk dressed in their traditional attire. After spending days in cities buzzing with life, a stroll around these streets will bring you back to the peace of mind.

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