You have more to see in Europe than you’ve ever thought: Part 1

Every street in Europe is filled with either art, culture or history. But there’s more to European cities than most people know. In our multi-country tour through many countries in Central Europe, you’ll see for yourself some of the best Europe has to offer.

It starts out in Berlin. The city you might know for the famous wall and the Brandenburg Gate is Germany’s capital and an important cultural center of Europe. There are numerous museums, art galleries, theaters, and clubs. Being an important frontline during WW2, you will also be able to find many historical places related to that part of history. However, nowadays Berlin is also known for being home to many artists and students, making it a very diverse and multicultural place.

After that, our tour takes you via the Czech Republic but making a short stop at another remarkable German city: Dresden. There you’ll be able to see a building famous for its circumstances: the Frauenkirche, a church that’s both old and new. Built in the 18th century, it used to be a distinctive part of the city, but didn’t endure the Allied bombing during WW2 and collapsed, becoming then a symbol of the destruction of war. Recently, its reconstruction was finally done thanks to incredible research and hard work. This is, however, just one of many landmarks to see in Dresden.

Discover Eastern Europe

On the same day, though, you’ll arrive in Prague, a city of breath-taking architecture. Since it didn’t receive that much damage from bombings during WW2, Prague is still a showcase of buildings of every time period and style. However, that’s also true for other things like, for example, music. Prague is not only known for classical music but also for having famous and diverse music clubs, fitting any taste and genre you look for.

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