Italy: Half-way between a Museum and Paradise

Everywhere you look in Europe there are things worth-seeing, but among all countries Italy is one of a kind. A nation rich in every aspect one would like to experience during a perfect vacation, in our 14-day Tour all your senses will find something be delighted by.

When one thinks of Ancient History the first image coming to our mind is the Colosseum at Rome, the place where our tour starts. But it’s only one of many interesting historical sites you can visit through your trip.

Naturally, delicious food will accompany you everywhere you go, and when it comes to Italy, it’s closely related to its history and culture. Did you know Naples, one of the places you’ll visit in the tour, is the birthplace of pizza?

And lastly, an air of poetry and romanticism will surround you and stay forever after this unforgettable trip. Who hasn’t dreamed of sliding through a Venetian canal in a lovely gondola?

Isn’t Romeo and Juliet the most iconic love story ever? In Italy you can visit the legendary Verona, where the real-life story that inspired Shakespeare took place.

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